Ryan "Aggro" Bailey is an American SMITE player. He is currently a caster for Hi-Rez Studios.
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Aggro is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up as a massive sports fanatic that had a passion for sports broadcasting. He graduated from Point Park University in Pittsburgh in 2014 with a degree in on-camera broadcasting and immediately began working in sports media in Pittsburgh. Despite quickly finding his place, viewing sports journalism as a whole and Pittsburgh individually from the inside left him with a bitter taste.

In 2015, Aggro received an opportunity to begin playing professional Xbox SMITE, which he chose over his job at the largest sports radio station in Pittsburgh, as his dream was to work in eSports production or casting at Hi-Rez. Allied inspired him to be a better player through his upbeat attitude and utterly destroying Aggro's team during the Xbox Invitational.

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