Echo Fox earned its best LAN placing in Call of Duty this weekend at CWL Dallas

The team ran through several tough squads to finish top six at the event.

Justin Binkowski  -  9 hours ago

Golden Guardians lock in their NA LCS roster

One of the four new teams in North America is geared up and ready to rock for 2018.
Aaron Mickunas - 33 minutes ago LoL

Veja como subir o nível do seu Poder em Destiny 2

Um guia para atingir o Poder máximo.
Bhernardo Viana - 3 hours ago Brasil

H2k has locked in its 2018 roster with five former Challenger players, replacing its entire roster

Santorin, sprattel, Sheriff, Caedrel, and Smittyj are moving into the EU LCS.
Aaron Mickunas - 4 hours ago LoL

Team Kaliber withdraws from the Northern Arena Showdown

A popular team has dropped out of the next CWL event.
Preston Byers - 4 hours ago CoD

IgNar on leaving the EU LCS: "Misfits never started the negotiation...I thought they didn't want me"

The world-class support player is moving to the LCK, but that wasn't the original plan.
Aaron Mickunas - 5 hours ago LoL

Here's everything you need to know about Far Cry 5

Fight for freedom in March 2018.
Ana Valens - 5 hours ago General