How to download Deltarune Chapter 2

You can find it on Steam or Itch.io

Image via Toby Fox

Deltarune Chapter 2 launched today, and getting into the game takes just a quick trip to the game’s website. 

Deltarune.com has had a timer counting down to the release of the game this evening. After the time finally hit zero, imagery for the new chapter of the game took over the page, and instructions for downloading the game on Steam and Itch.io were displayed.

To download Chapter 2, just click the button on the Deltarune.com homepage redirecting you to the game’s Steam or Itch.io page. On Steam, you can download the application by hitting the green “Download” button on the game’s Steam page. 

You can download the game from Itch.io by scrolling down to the bottom of the game’s profile page on the website and clicking the red “Download” button corresponding to the operating system that you wish to use.