Stephen "Tylacto" Griffin is a player for Aeriality.
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Tylacto started playing the game in January 2016, after playing the prequel to Rocket League SARPBC, without knowing its sequel had already released, through the night over the previous Christmas. After he found out Rocket League had been released, he bought the game and quickly got addicted to the new game.

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ESL Go4RL EU December 2016 FinalShow ResultGET WIGGLYTUFF'DGET WIGGLYTUFF'DvsAerialityAeriality
2017 JAN
ESL Go4RL EU November 2016 FinalShow ResultAerialityAerialityvsUniquestarsUniquestars
2016 DEC
ESL Go4RL EU November 2016 FinalShow ResultAerialityAerialityvsPENTA SportsPENTA Sports
2016 DEC
ESL Go4RL EU November 2016 FinalShow ResultAerialityAerialityvsParallaXParallaX
2016 DEC
ESL Go4RL EU October 2016 FinalShow ResultAerialityAerialityvsLuminanceLuminance
2016 OCT