Martin "Martin" Olsson is a competitive Rocket League player who is currently teamless.
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Martin first played the original game SARPBC with a few of his friends as a party game, catching his interest right away. After that, he searched the internet for the game's developer Psyonix and found out they had released some early screenshots for the game that would eventually become Rocket League. He signed up to receive more updates and got access to the alpha, but couldn't play much of it. His first real experience of the game was with the release of the beta on PS4, and he started visiting other Twitch streamers which made him stick around and play more of the game. Because of that, he was one of the few select people who got access to a pre-release version of the game in June 2015, with the likes of Kronovi, Gibbs, Dirkened, de Boer, Tequilaz, I Am A Tree, Law, CoolCole93, and other SARPBC veterans. With the practice and experience acquired from it, he climbed the ranked ladder quickly and has stayed on top since. From there, it was natural for him to turn to competitive tournaments.

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