Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez is a captain for NRG Esports.
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Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez is a SARPBC veteran from the United States who played the prequel for a few years prior to the release of Rocket League. He was initially turned away during the alpha and beta releases because he preferred the prequel over the new game. After seeing the popularity of Rocket League skyrocket after its launch, he decided to try it out and was impressed at the improvements that were made since the last time he tried it.


During this time other veterans of the prequel had already started forming teams to enter in the various tournaments that were popping up, most notably Cosmic Aftershock who were winning every tournament at the time. Fireburner started a pickup team along with two other SARPBC veterans, Gambit and Kyle Masc, to enter the first MLG tournament. They ended up winning this tournament and giving Cosmic Aftershock their first loss ever, cementing a rivalry between that team and himself. This team later became the first iteration of Kings of Urban with their most notable placement being 4th in the MLG Pro League with X3MW substituting in for Kyle Masc. The team went their separate ways and Fireburner was left in search of new teammates.

Fireburner turned to newcomers Jacob and Moses who were not veterans of the prequel unlike his previous teammates. This trio of players would go on to be one of the top teams in North America and would eventually be the first team to knock iBUYPOWER Cosmic off the #1 spot in the North American Power Rankings. Fireburner once again knocked this fan-favorite team down. The rivalry would continue on throughout the RLC Pro League where although suffering a 2 - 3 loss versus iBUYPOWER Cosmic in the group stage, Kings of Urban managed to hold out and grab the #1 seed going into the playoffs. In the playoffs, they took down Supersonic Avengers in the quarterfinals, but were defeated in the semifinals in a very close series 3 - 4 versus FlipSid3 Tactics.

Season 1

Following the conclusion of the RLC Pro League and the announcement of the first season of the Rocket League Championship Series, everyone sought to make the best team they could and Kings of Urban were no different. Fireburner decided to drop Moses in favor of recently freed up and fellow SARPBC veteran SadJunior from iBUYPOWER Cosmic. The team had an impressive showing throughout the Group Stage and then the Online Final of Qualifier 1, where they took second with a 2 - 4 loss in the finals versus iBUYPOWER Cosmic.

Going into Qualifier 2, many teams decided to shuffle up their rosters while Kings of Urban opted to remain together. The increase in the relative strength of the other teams proved to be a challenge for Kings of Urban as the team ended 4th in the Group Stage this time around. Despite their relatively poor performance, the team bounced back and took first in the Online Final and secured the #1 seed in North America for the LAN Finals.

Kings of Urban were favored to make it relatively far at the LAN Finals based on their performance leading up to the event. However, the European underdog The Flying Dutchmen pulled out the 3 - 1 upset and sent the team into the loser's bracket. They were met with an unexpected match versus the tournament favorites FlipSid3 Tactics and ended up losing 1 - 3 thereby being eliminated from the tournament on the first day.

Season 2

Despite their poor performance at the LAN Finals, Kings of Urban decided to stick together for the next season. After being at the top for so long, Fireburner and his team were finally picked up by NRG Esports. Under this new sponsorship, the squad continued their dominant online performance throughout the season, securing a spot at the LAN Finals by finishing second in League Play. They went on to finish first place in the Regional Championship by taking down Orbit 4 - 2 in the finals.

As the Season 2 LAN Finals came around, NRG Esports set out to redeem themselves after their poor performance at the first LAN Finals. They faced Precision Z in the first round and were once again knocked down to the loser's bracket after just the first match where they met fellow North American team Genesis. A quick 3 - 0 win meant that NRG Esports would move on to the second day of competition this time around. Their excitement would end shortly as they once again had to face the tournament favorites FlipSid3 Tactics in an elimination match which they ended up losing 1 - 3. Following yet another quick defeat at the LAN Finals, Fireburner knew the team had to make changes and opted to drop SadJunior in favor of the recently freed up superstar, GarrettG.

Season 3

Leading up to Season 3, the team had yet to prove that the addition of GarrettG had bettered the team. NRG Esports did not win a single minor tournament in the offseason outside of a few weekly tournaments. Fireburner assured that the team was making progress and that they would rise back to the top once they had time to figure out their play style. NRG Esports figured themselves out right as RLCS rolled around and the team convincingly took first place in League Play. The team went on to win the North American Regional Championship for the third consecutive time and secure themselves a spot at the World Championship and a spot in the Season 4 League Play.

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