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ESL Plantronics North America FinalsShow ResultThe Muffin MenThe Muffin MenvsOnslaught eSportsOnslaught eSports
2016 NOV
ESL Go4RL NA November 2016 FinalShow ResultOnslaught eSportsOnslaught eSportsvsRetrogradeRetrograde
2016 NOV
ESL Go4RL NA October 2016 FinalShow ResultOnslaught eSportsOnslaught eSportsvs SuperpositionSuperposition
2016 OCT
Rocket Royale 2016 Week 16 North AmericaShow ResultOnslaught eSportsOnslaught eSportsvsTake 3Take 3
2016 AUG
Rocket Royale 2016 Week 7Show ResultOnslaught eSportsOnslaught eSportsvsComrade Gaming NAComrade Gaming NA
2016 MAY