When are Blueprints coming to Rocket League?

Say goodbye to your crates on Dec. 4.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League’s Blueprints Update will be a turning point in the franchise. It will replace the Crates system for good and overhaul the means of obtaining items. And it’s coming soon.

The soon-to-be-done Crates system yields a variety of crates after matches, divided by series. Each series of crates have a possible item pool with cosmetics from different rarities. Opening a crate costs one key, which is Rocket League’s in-game currency, and gives players a roll of the dice to see what item would come out of the gamble.

The new system will introduce Blueprints, which allow players to construct specific items if they have the schematics for them. To build an item, players will have to pay a specific amount of Credits, the game’s new currency. With Blueprints, players will know exactly what they’re getting.

In addition to removing crates, the update will debut the Item Store, a virtual shop with an assortment of items in a regular rotation. Purchasing them will require credits. Its shelves can be stocked with all kinds of cosmetics, including cars, boosts, decals, and goal explosions.

When do Blueprints arrive?

The update is scheduled to reach the servers at 12pm CT on Dec. 4. To ensure a smooth transition, Psyonix will disable crate drops, in-game purchases of keys, trade-ins and player-to-player trades starting at 11am CT on Dec. 3. DLC Packs will not be available for purchase as packs following the update. Individual items may return to the Item Store.

Once the patch is live, crates will be converted into blueprints of individual items in the same series. Each key will be converted into 100 credits. Players will receive all items in the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle Cars, and Chaos Run packs upon logging in.

The arrival of the update will also usher in Rocket Pass 5 and competitive season 13. Players have a little under a week to grind missing items or to snag the season rewards. The game is also offering double XP on all playlists until 12pm CT on Monday, Dec. 2.