Rocket League Season 3 introduces Tyranno model, crossovers with NASCAR and Formula 1

More crossover content and a new dashing car.

Image via Psyonix

Psyonix has locked in the start date for Rocket League Season Three, telling players to get their engines ready for April 7. 

Following up the extended second season, Season Three is kicking off with a double feature crossover with NASCAR and Formula 1. The racing juggernauts will both have bundles featuring new items dropping throughout the season, starting with NASCAR in early May. F1 will have some content dropping in mid-May, and you can get an early first-look at some of the items that will be launching now in the Season Three trailer. 

Psyonix is also launching a new car this season: the Tyranno. 

The devs are classifying Tyranno as the “master of dash,” since it is a car focused on speed while still holding the same hitbox as the Dominus. It will be included in the Season Three Rocket Pass.

Players can also look forward to racing inside of a newly-redesigned DFH Stadium (Circuit) that will be added into both the Casual and Competitive Playlists, along with an option in Private Matches and Freeplay at the start of Season Three. 

Once the switch is flipped, players can enjoy the new Competitive Season and grind for the Season Three rewards, while Season Two Competitive Rewards will be sent out shortly after Season Three hits.

The Season Three update will be dropping on April 6 at 6pm CT once all of the certifications get approved, with the actual content going live on April 7.