How to get the Legacy Protocol amulet in Remnant 2

You'll have to search high and low for this amulet.

A player stands in a corridor with enemies approaching in Remnant 2.
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Many items and weapons were added for the Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC for players to find. They appear in the world uniquely, like the Legacy Protocol amulet, which you will need to track down to add to your collection.

From my experience, it does not drop in The Awakened King DLC area but appears elsewhere in Remnant 2. This means you’ll need to make sure you have the most updated build for the game and start exploring the other biomes. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Legacy Protocol amulet in Remnant 2.

Where to find the Legacy Protocol amulet in Remnant 2

A player stands on a bridge in the mist in N'erud in Remnant 2.
Searching N’erud for the Legacy Protocol. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Legacy Protocol amulet is a random world drop on N’erud in Remnant 2, and it won’t appear in the same spot for all players. You can find it when you roll an Adventure Mode campaign of this world, and you might find it as you explore the map.

It isn’t easy to narrow down a good location for you to search. My best recommendation for anyone trying to find the Legacy Protocol amulet is to consistently play on the N’erud biome in Remnant 2 and continue searching for it.

Random amulet and ring drops are tricky for every player to track down. I have had a good amount of success finding them while exploring dungeons, so these might be good areas for you to search thoroughly with your character.

If you’re after the Legacy Protocol amulet, rerolling N’erud Adventure Mode campaigns will be your best bet. Going through a full campaign in Remnant 2 might take too long, but you can freely reroll the N’erud Adventure Mode whenever you’re ready to try again, and you only have to stay in this biome until you find it.

Once you find it, the Legacy Protocol can be a valuable amulet to add to your Remnant 2 item collection. While wearing it, the Legacy Protocol will “lower the skill cooldown by 20 percent and increase the skill duration by 15 percent” for your character.

For anyone trying out the Ritualist archetype and wanting to apply the status effects of the second skill, Miasma, this could be an exceptional amulet to utilize on the harder difficulties in Remnant 2.


Zack Palm

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