Unranked playlist coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Unranked and casual.

Image via Ubisoft

The past year of Rainbow Six Siege has seen some monumental changes to the Ranked playlist, but Casual has stagnated into something less refined. Now, players will have the option to play an Unranked playlist that’s more akin to Ranked. 

Casual has been left in the dust compared to the constant changes and improvements to the Ranked playlist of Siege. Playing Casual doesn’t quite feel like playing Siege anymore, it’s more like playing a throwback version. With Ranked rapidly outgrowing Casual, the devs finally decided to give the players exactly what they wanted—an Unranked playlist. 

While “Unranked” sounds somehow less intimidating than “Casual,” the new playlist features the same exact ruleset at Ranked. Fans will get all the benefits of Ranked but without the chance of losing rank. Some fans may argue that this might as well be Casual, but for others, this will be a great opportunity to hone in on their competitive Siege skills without being punished for learning. 

The inclusion of the Ranked ruleset means that Reverse Friendly Fire and rage quit sanctions will be active. The addition of the Ranked ruleset looks like it’s meant to deter the Casual antics of trolls and it’ll be a nice change of pace for players who are trying to warm-up their hands before a sweaty match of Ranked. Pick and Ban will also be present in the new playlist, which is arguably one of the best changes the devs have brought to the main game. 

Operation Ember Rise continues to stir the pot with the reveal of the Unranked playlist. So far, the changes presented seem mostly positive but fans will have to decide for themselves.

The Unranked playlist will be available on the Technical Test Server, which goes live today, Aug 19. Additionally, fans can find the full Y4S3 patch notes on Ubisoft’s website.