Ubisoft shares first look at Siege’s upcoming Match Replay feature

Remember that one-vs-five no one believes you won? Now you have proof.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming Match Replay feature suffered a delay, but it’s still on Ubisoft’s radar. The company shared a first look at how it’ll function today.

The Match Replay tool will record a player’s 10 latest games, regardless of game mode. “Our goal with Match Replay is to provide players with an interactive tool that will provide full coverage and perspective on their last 10 games,” a post on Siege‘s dev blog reads.

The tool offers a way to “re-watch and fully spectate your recorded games from both first-person and top-down points of view, from any player, and any angle.” The feature makes it easier for players to learn from their mistakes, study the gameplay of their peers, and share their best (or worst) moments with friends.

Although the feature was scheduled for release in the middle of the year, Ubisoft said “circumstances have forced us to push back the schedule,” likely referring to the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean Ubisoft is backing down—and nor is it the end of its plans for Match Replay.

“Further down the road, we would like to give Match Replay even more functions such as storing them on the game server instead of locally, a share feature so you can share your replays with your friends, and even the possibility of downloading and watching replays from official esports matches,” Ubisoft said.

Match Replay will arrive first on the PC Test Server before being deployed to the live version of Siege. Ubisoft didn’t specify a release date for the feature, however, and told players to “keep an eye out on the TS Patch Notes for updates on when it will be available.”