Ubisoft removes dab dance, requires updated graphics drivers in Rainbow Six Test Server patch

Press F to pay respects.

Image via Ubisoft

The Operation Shifting Tides Test Server has only been live for about a week but fans are already saying goodbye to one of the best additions to the game thus far—the dab. 

Much like the raptor legs of yesteryear, the dab found its way into Siege by complete accident. For those who may not have access to the Test Server or haven’t kept up with streams, the dab occurs when an operator leans back and forth with a throwable gadget. The result is a hilariously awkward animation that looks a lot like stilted dabbing. Unfortunately for fans of the dab, Ubisoft has ensured the dab stays dead by removing it from the Test Server with the newest patch

Aside from the dab dance, players will need to update their graphics card drivers as soon as possible. Ubisoft will begin testing the new Vulkan API at some point in the near future. Testing was scheduled to start at the onset of the Operation Shifting Tides Test Server but was rolled back almost instantly due to a high number of crashes. 

Ubisoft is looking to possibly make the switch away from DirectX to Vulkan in order to make better use of PC hardware across the board. The switch from DirectX may result in better frames for users but could also leave some players with older hardware unable to boot up the game, according to the initial Test Server notes. This is a pretty weighty decision, so fans are encouraged to share feedback with Ubisoft when the change is pushed live. 

The Operation Shifting Tides Test Server is live now but will experience some downtime for maintenance around 2pm CT. After a 30 minute period, fans should be able to log back in to see the new changes.