Ubisoft breaks down new attacker Osa in Operation Crystal Guard reveal

Her Talon-8 shield will come in handy for her team.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Osa is on her way to Rainbow Six Siege and she’s bringing in a gadget that will make Mira jealous. Ubisoft broke down the attacker’s kit during today’s Operation Crystal Guard reveal stream.

Osa’s unique gadget is a transparent bulletproof shield that will protect anyone behind it from direct fire. Osa can set it down on windows, barricaded positions, when rappelling, and even on the ground as a tool to create safe lines of sight and defend her team. She has two charges, according to the video.

Unlike Mira’s unique gadget, however, Osa’s Talon-8 shield is a two-way mirror, and attackers and defenders alike can see through it. Osa can also use the Talon-8 to protect herself when carrying it, similar to Montaigne, even without deploying it.

The gadget is bulletproof but not indestructible. Like Mira’s Black Mirrors, the Talon-8 has a pressurized gas cylinder on the inner side and shooting it will take down the gadget. With timing and coordination, it can be the key to taking down enemies when they least expect it. Defenders may see Osa shoot the shield, however.

Ubisoft hasn’t added Osa’s operator page yet, but the video shows the attacker carrying the 556xi, making her the only character outside of Thermite to use it. The stream also briefly showed Osa carrying the PDW9. Based on her HUD in the video, Osa could have the choice of bulletproof cameras as a gadget. Her loadout may change before release, however.

Players can get an early look at Operation Crystal Guard when it goes live on the Test Server tomorrow, Aug. 17.