Twitch’s F2 gets a nerf, Warden made a 2-speed in Rainbow Six Test Server update

Warden gets some cardio in his life.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has been experimenting quite a bit lately with Jackal, but he isn’t the only operator undergoing some potential changes. Twitch and Warden headline the newest update to the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server (TS). 

Jackal’s soft rework hit the TS last week, and while some players have claimed to not notice a difference, Ubisoft maintains that the changes are live on the TS. This time around, Jackal is taking a backseat in the TS patch notes. Instead, players may want to focus on the nerf to Twitch’s F2, Glaz’s rate of fire buff, and Warden’s repurposing as a two-speed operator. 

Twitch has been a powerful operator for basically the entire lifespan of Rainbow Six Siege and she’s only become stronger with new operators being introduced to the game. The GIGN operator can serve as a counter to a Mira, Maestro, Jaeger, or really any other unique deployable gadget operator. This time around, the developers have taken stock of Twitch’s all-powerful F2. 

The assault rifle is known for its absurd fire rate and healthy magazine size, which is why Ubisoft has dropped her magazine size down from 30 rounds to 25. While the five-round difference may not seem like a game-changer, the rate of fire on the F2 means that players will have to be a bit more cautious with how many rounds they dump downrange.

Ubisoft’s reason for the nerf makes sense. While some players will be upset by the minor nerf, it should encourage Twitch to be used in collaboration with a team, rather than just a fragging machine. The five-round mag reduction shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for those equipped to handle the F2 properly. 

Glaz is also getting a modest amount of love in the TS update. The now-defunct operator’s rate of fire has been buffed to 380 from 285. Ubisoft has tried a number of things to tweak Glaz into his intended role but with few results. From giving the op’s gadget a rework to match Warden’s movement and meter-based ability to giving the op Frag Grenades, nothing has really worked. Glaz players might be able to make something happen with this new rate of fire buff, though. Glaz looks to be slipping further and further out of the meta and seems about as viable as Tachanka—but lacking the meme value. 

Warden, on the other hand, will be transitioning from a three-speed to a two-speed. Warden doesn’t have much going for him in his current form. While the operator has finally seen some play in the North American division of the Pro League, he remains difficult to play for the majority of the fan base. 

His ability is still situational but the bump up to a two-speed may allow for better use of the operator’s loadout. Being able to get closer to enemy players a bit faster could make Warden’s loadout more effective and, according to Ubisoft, may present more opportunities to use Warden’s gadget.

The change seems both major and minor at the same time. The change to Warden’s speed and armor levels will be welcomed, but it may not be enough. And at least the speed at which Warden runs will finally make sense. Seeing a guy in a suit run at a snail’s pace broke the immersion of the game more than Jackal somehow being able to live ping defenders based on scanning a single footprint. 

These changes aren’t in the main game and aren’t guaranteed to show up in it, either. The TS changes are now live for fans to try out. As always, players are encouraged to share any bugs they come across with Ubisoft.