TSM to represent North America in DreamHack Montreal finals

TSM pull through for North America.

Image via Ubisoft

TSM’s semifinals win over BDS Esport peg them as North America’s new LAN monsters. Unlike their performance in the Rainbow Six Pro League, TSM have proven to be more than formidable on LAN.

It’s been a while since North America has had the benefit of the doubt in an international LAN final, but TSM are looking to help break that disappointing trend today. 

Going out to G2 Esports at the Six Major Raleigh was an understandable loss. G2 were still clinging to their stellar reputation at the time of Raleigh and TSM were attempting to establish themselves as a team. TSM looks considerably sharper this time around, especially against G2’s slayers BDS. The poetic justice of G2 losing to BDS in groups only for BDS to lose to TSM speaks to how far TSM have come in a short period of time. The wobbles have steadied and TSM have settled into the newest version of their roster. 

ClubHouse was decidedly held by TSM despite it being BDS’ map of choice. It was a great way to establish the momentum that carried TSM to a 2-0 series victory over the European Challenger League team. Fans of R6 esports will be seeing a lot more of BDS in the near future.

Since Evil Geniuses’ failure at the season nine Pro League finals, many fans and broadcasters have criticized the North American division’s ability to take an international LAN. Rogue helped quell the harsh criticisms with their DreamHack Valencia win in July. TSM’s qualification for the DreamHack Montreal finals continues to muffle the noise. 

TSM have a tough matchup against Team Liquid in the DreamHack Montreal final. Fans can catch the official broadcast of the final here.