TSM destroy Soniqs at DreamHack Montreal

Both teams are at the bottom of the NA division, but one showed far more promise.

Image via Ubisoft

The North American division standings of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League show Soniqs and TSM both sitting at the bottom of the barrel, but LAN performances tell a different story. TSM demolished Soniqs 2-0 today at DreamHack Montreal with the final blow coming on Soniqs’ map choice.

Both TSM and Soniqs have gone through some massive roster moves over the past few weeks and the results appear to vary for each team. Sam Jarvis stepped in for TSM’s Khalil “B1ologic” Pleas, while Santino “Gomfi” de Meulenaere and Alex “SlebbeN” Nordlund replaced Jason “GhxsT” Luu and John “Avian” Ackerly on Soniqs. Despite the optimistic outlook for both teams, it seems like only one team adjusted to the roster moves. 

While Jarvis didn’t contribute heavily in the frag department, broadcaster Parker “Interro” Mackay pointed out that Siege isn’t all about the frags and there are other ways to support a team. Whatever support Jarvis provided proved well worth the addition of the former DarkZero player since TSM were able to run through Soniqs on both maps. 

Fans were shocked to see Soniqs lose so easily to TSM on Villa. Even though Villa served as Soniqs’ map of choice, TSM were still able to walk all over them. The match quickly got away from Soniqs when the team gave TSM six-straight rounds before grabbing a single round win in the match. Taking one win on your own map choice is rough for any team, but it makes Soniqs look especially underprepared considering their standing in and out of the Pro League. 

Sitting at the bottom of the Pro League standings is never a good thing and TSM are in the same spot. The issue here for Soniqs is that they can’t perform on LAN or in regular-season action. TSM have shown that they’re decidedly a LAN team. Despite not making the finals at LANs, at least TSM proved that they can hang with the best of the best. 

Soniqs aren’t out of the race just yet, but it doesn’t look good for the freshman Pro League team. The DreamHack Montreal Minor has just started, though. Fans can watch the official broadcast here