Team Liquid take down G2 Esports at DreamHack Montreal


Image via steamXO

As if TSM’s win over FaZe Clan wasn’t upsetting enough, G2 Esports fell to Team Liquid at Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Montreal today. G2 hasn’t been looking like their dominant selves in quite some time but this is certainly a massive upset. 

G2 has been under performing in the Pro League for the past two seasons. Missing out on the season nine Milan Finals and falling in the Six Major Raleigh to Team Empire indicated that the team hit some massive bumps along the way. G2 attempted to switch up the formula by dropping long-time core roster member Joonas “jNSzki” Savolainen for Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen to no avail. 

The loss to Liquid today is concerning for G2 fans. This version of G2 is a far cry from their usual LAN monster selves. It’s hard to place the current G2 next to the G2 of yesteryear. Seeing G2 lose a map 0-7 to Liquid was baffling and shouldn’t have been possible.

Fans have seen G2 pull themselves out of a hole on LAN before but this time around seems different. G2’s Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen had previously stated that communication is a large issue for the team and that it’s something they have been collectively working to better. The results of this communication work have yet to be seen in or out of the Pro League.

Communication issues aside, there’s no denying the gravity of G2’s loss to Liquid. If G2 doesn’t pull through their decider match, then the road ahead becomes much smoother for all the teams advancing to the quarterfinals. G2 is normally fierce on LAN and this loss doesn’t showcase the level of talent that fills their roster.

G2’s loss adds to the growing list of upsets at DreamHack Montreal, and it looks like the tournament is primed to see many more in the next two days. Fans can catch all the DreamHack Montreal action on the official broadcast here.