Team Empire upset G2 with milliseconds to spare

What a finish.

Image via Team Empire

A tightly-contested Rainbow Six Siege match on Consulate between Team Empire and G2 Esports today came down to mere milliseconds. Ultimately, Team Empire took home the 8-7 win and the two points that come with it.

In a two-vs-two situation, G2 were tasked with retaking a planted defuser with 30 seconds left. This led to a crushing loss by milliseconds, though, since G2 just barely couldn’t stick the defusal in time.

In addition, if it looks like Danil “JoyStiCK” Gabov is blind, it’s because the bodies in Rainbow Six Siege are client-sided. On his screen, the dead body completely covered the G2 player.

This victory gives Team Empire their first win in the EUL, overtime or not, this season and could drop G2 to fifth or sixth in the region depending on how the rest of today’s games shake out.

G2 are still facing some growing pains with their new roster after the retirement of Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen. Luckily, the transition period has been eased by the statistical excellence of Ben “CTZN” McMillain, who’s one of the statistical top-five players in the EUL this season. He boasts a 1.35 SiegeGG Rating right now, good for second in EU.

Team Empire have struggled this season, especially compared to the previous season of the EUL. The all-Russian squad might have found their groove at the perfect time for the upcoming Six Invitational, slated to be played in May. G2 have also qualified for the Six Invitational.