Siege’s Year 7 will add customization features to consoles, including FOV settings and aim control personalization

Console players rejoice.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege console players can expect several new updates throughout Year Seven to improve their overall experience in the game, including a FOV slider, aim control personalization, and controller presets. 

Siege players on consoles make up a significant portion of the playerbase but have a drastically different experience than their PC counterparts. Year Seven aims to fix some of these differences. To begin, Season One will introduce Match Replay to consoles. The remaining three seasons will feature other changes that will help players further personalize their settings and finally adjust their Field of View. 

PC players can adjust their Field of View from 60 to 90, while console players are limited to 60. But the Siege developers are working on adding a FOV slider on console, granting the same customization to all players. It is unclear when this option will be implemented, but the Year Seven road map shows it being added by season four. 

The new aim personalization settings will allow players to adjust new options like Horizontal and Vertical Extra Speed to further personalize their settings. The developers also want to add unique recoil patterns on consoles instead of a static recoil reduction across the board. The new aim personalization settings will help players deal with the changes, further blending the two different experiences on console and PC. 

Year Seven, season one launches on Feb. 21, although players won’t see these specific changes until season two at the earliest.