Siege’s Year 7 season 4 to add permanent Arcade playlist

New casual modes are coming this year.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players can expect a permanent Arcade mode rotation later this year in Year Seven season four.

Siege can be a stressful experience. Players must master several operators and maps to compete with other players, especially in ranked. Playlists only give players one life per round, meaning the stakes are always high. But a new permanent arcade mode with rotating game types is coming later this year, giving players a new casual option. 

The Year Seven Roadmap reveals the new Arcade playlist will be added in season four. The developers confirmed the new playlist will feature a rotating list of previous limited-time modes, like Attrition and Headshots Only. These are fun ways to experience Siege without the stressful environment of a regular match.

Fans will have to wait a while for the Arcade playlist, however, since it won’t be added to the game until season four. Year Seven will present three other seasons filled with content, including three new operators, two new maps, and several other exciting updates to enjoy in the meantime. 

Season one is also adding a new Team Deathmatch mode, which is also a casual alternative to regular matches. Players can pick operators regardless of team restrictions and will respawn after dying. Matches in the new mode will last five minutes or until one team secures 75 eliminations. 

The first season of Year Seven, Demon Veil, launches on Feb. 21.