‘Road to SI’ event coming Jan. 21

Finally, the Stadium returns.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege will have a unique “Road to SI” event this year to celebrate another iteration of its biggest tournament, the Six Invitational.

The event will feature the updated Stadium map and will only be available on weekends beginning Jan. 21, Ubisoft announced today.

All operators will be available to all players in the event. If you’re looking to use your hard-earned Renown or R6 Credits to purchase an operator, give them a spin in the event first to see how you like them.

The event will help build hype for SI, which will run from Feb. 8 to 14 and Feb. 17 to 21. The group stage will be first and will feature 20 teams from around the globe. After the group stage, the bottom four teams will exit the tournament and the top 16 will get a three-day break before the playoff stage.

The SI Twitch drops program also begins on Jan. 21. All you have to do to earn in-game skins and charms is watch your favorite streamers and the Six Invitational itself.