Rainbow Six Siege’s new season, Crimson Heist, is coming March 16

Flores is finally here.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s next season, Crimson Heist, is coming tomorrow, March 16, Ubisoft announced today.

Maintenance will begin at 8am CT for PC, 9am CT for Xbox, and 10am CT for PlayStation. After an hour of maintenance, the download will be available, so push the times that the season will actually launch back by an hour.

Crimson Heist introduces Flores, the newest addition to Team Rainbow. He’s a two-armor, two-speed attacker with the RCE-Ratero drone. The Ratero can’t move backward and is only driveable for 10 seconds, after which it locks, becomes bulletproof, and detonates. The detonation sequence can also be triggered manually before the 10-second timer expires.

Flores has the AR-33 and the SR-25 as primary weapons, the GSH-18 as a secondary weapon, and a choice between stun grenades or a claymore as the secondary gadget.

For two weeks, Flores will only be available with the purchase of the premium battle pass. After two weeks, though, he’ll be purchasable with the in-game currency, renown, or real money.

The new season also brings the Gonne-6, a secondary weapon meant to combat bulletproof utility. Glaz, Dokkaebi, Lion, Finka, Zero, Gridlock, Amaru, and Iana will receive the gadget. It replaces the pistol and only has one explosive shot but can blow up bulletproof utility, giving attackers more options to deal with strong defender gadgets.

In addition, Border has undergone a small rework and the Match Replay mode is available for PC players.