Rainbow Six Siege Y4S3.2 patch to hit consoles next week

Ubisoft provides console players with a date.

Image via Ubisoft

After a spur of the moment delay by Ubisoft, the Rainbow Six Siege Y4S3.2 patch will finally be hitting Xbox and PS4 on Oct. 15. 

The Y4S3.2 patch was supposed to come to Xbox and PS4 on Oct. 8, but it was delayed on that day by Ubisoft. Consoles generally tend to get patches a bit later than PC because Ubisoft needs to have each patch validated by both Xbox and PS4. While this doesn’t seem to be the case here, Ubisoft has yet to provide a reason for the delay. 

While not everything in the Y4S3.2 patch is as interesting as the upcoming Jackal changes, there are still some major fixes included in the update. Perhaps the most important aspect of the patch is the change to Goyo and how his Volcán Shields interact with hostages. The new change ensures that whoever damages the hostage will be held culpable for any damage Goyo’s gadget does to them prior to them being picked up. The patch also sees the Surrender system undergo a few changes, one of which will require a unanimous vote to enable a surrender. 

Console players often feel neglected by Ubisoft when it comes to updates and quality of life fixes. For instance, when Operation Ember Rise launched, console players were bombarded with DDoS attacks and felt a lack of initiative from Ubisoft. The issue was eventually dealt with in a massive move by Ubisoft. The company ensured it’d be taking legal action against those who were found guilty of DDoSing following a huge ban wave. These types of larger issues combined with getting patches late and not having access to a Test Server makes it easy to see why console players may be upset be patch delays. 

Ubisoft will roll out the patch on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Until then, console players will have to hang tight while things get finalized on Ubisoft’s end. A full list of patch notes can be found here.