Rainbow Six Siege player saved from grenade by Oryx corpse

Oryx can save lives from the grave.

Image via Ubisoft

Oryx is one of the latest operators to be added to Rainbow Six Siege, and he’s already having an impact on players’ matches in unique ways. Most recently, one player was saved from a grenade explosion by Oryx’s dash, which was still active even after the operator’s death.

A player was playing the Golden Gun Arcade limited mode and was engaging the enemy team. An enemy player using Oryx pushed through the doorway and was killed by a claymore just after using their Remah Dash. This ability allows the operator to sprint through breakable walls and knock enemy players on their back. The ability can still be active even after the character is killed.

Oryx was launched towards the player after being killed by the claymore. The player collided with the body which sent them flying back as if they were hit by the Remah Dash. This worked in the players favor, however, as another enemy threw a grenade into the room which would’ve killed the player if they were standing in the original position.

The player explained in the comments that it seems like Oryx’s charge is still active for the length of time it takes to complete even after death. Another player confirmed this and claimed to have seen an Oryx corpse blast through a wall after being shot.

Oryx is one of two new operators introduced in Operation Void Edge and is different from most other characters. The operator relies on brute force instead of a fancy gadget which allows for interesting and fun gameplay. He can also still impact the game after dying by breaking down walls or pushing enemies out of harms way.