Rainbow Six Siege player kills enemy team in less than 30 seconds in Golden Gun mode

They never saw it coming

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege usually requires teamwork and strategy to outsmart the enemy team and win rounds. But one player single-handedly eliminated the entire enemy team in less than 30 seconds while only firing a single shot in the game’s limited-time Golden Gun Arcade mode.

A player was recently playing the Golden Gun Arcade mode on the map Oregon. The player was using Amaru, who has a grappling hook that can be shot through windows for quick access to second floor locations. The player used the grappling hook to enter a second story window 15 seconds after the match began and surprised the enemy team.

The player immediately knifed a player and snuck behind three other players who were gathered around a window. The player swiftly knifed all three enemies and explained to his team that he was about to eliminate the entire team.

“Guys I just may have 4k’d,” the player said.

They continued to dominate the unprepared team and secured the kill on the last enemy who was spawn peaking from the roof. The player’s team was audibly surprised that they were able to win the round in less than 30 seconds without most of the team realizing what was happening.

The Golden Gun Arcade mode gives all players a golden gun that kills enemies with one shot. The game mode allows for unique gameplay and intense matches where operator selection is not as important. The game mode did not appear for all players when it launched due to connection issues, but all player should be able to try out the game mode before it ends on March 23.