Rainbow Six Siege is getting a server upgrade


Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is migrating servers to “newer, faster” machines, according to a tweet from the main Rainbow Six Twitter account today.

The rollout will begin this week, but it will “happen gradually from region to region throughout the next few months to ensure the least player impact,” Ubisoft said.

Server issues have been a longstanding community complaint from day one of Rainbow Six. In the early days of the game, the laggy, poor servers were part of the charm of the small, niche community. But as the game grew to the 70 million players and thriving esports scene it has today, the servers have become an embarrassment. The COVID-19 pandemic had an exacerbated effect on the servers since more people were staying home, playing, and maintenance couldn’t be done from the Ubisoft offices.

PlayStation and PC servers will be the first to migrate to the new machines, followed by Xbox. The goal of the upgrade is to eventually supply quality servers for every major region and improve connectivity overall.

The new server hardware isn’t available at every data center initially, so for the time being, Australia Southeast will go to Australia East and Japan West will go to Japan East.