Rainbow Six Siege fans get ‘Chala’ trending on Twitter after monster U.S. Division Finals performance

Chala? Chala.

Image via Ubisoft

TSM won the U.S. Division Finals 3-1 over DarkZero as a team, but you couldn’t tell from looking at Twitter after the Rainbow Six Siege series.

Brady “Chala” Davenport had a series-best 53 kills over the four maps played, including 23 in a comeback win on Clubhouse.

At one point on Clubhouse, TSM were down 2-6. All DarkZero had to do was win one round, and the series would be pushed to a fifth map.

TSM took the next four rounds on their attacking half to push the map to a 6-6 overtime. They won both overtime rounds and the series.

Chala, who pivoted roles on Clubhouse, served as a critical part of TSM’s victory. Rainbow Six Siege fans were so impressed with his performance that the word “Chala” trended on Twitter for hours after the match was over.

TSM will head to Paris, France to compete in the Six Invitational, which begins on Feb. 9. After their performance at the U.S. Division Finals, they’re arguably the favorite to hoist the hammer and win the tournament.