Rainbow Six bug fixes are being tested, will hit live servers soon

A bunch of glitches will be corrected.

Image via Ubisoft

A major Rainbow Six Siege patch focused on fixing bugs hit the test servers today. They’ll soon be implemented on the live servers.

Following the release of the new season, Shifting Tides, 10 days ago, Ubisoft noticed some bugs that needed to be solved.

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The bug fixes mainly focus on gameplay glitches, operators in Hereford and Kali, as well as level design glitches. With the environmental destruction and numerous operators, Rainbow Six can be a headache to fix for the devs.

Those improvements are under test and will come to the live servers if no major issues are discovered.

All of the bug fixes are listed in this subreddit thread. The topic is spammed with Ela buff requests, though. The community has been asking for these buffs for more than seven months. She belongs to the lowest tier of pick rates in the Rainbow Six Pro League, but she’s still popular among casual players.

In the meantime, a Casa del Papel event was released yesterday and it’ll last until Nov. 25, bringing a dedicated game mode and exclusive items.