R6 pro Doki to stay in Na`Vi despite 6-month competitive ban

Pie will take Doki's place until the ban expires.

Image via steamXO

The future of Jack “Doki” Robertson was unclear after ESL banned the Rainbow Six pro for six months due to toxic behavior last week.

But Doki will remain in Natus Vincere and rejoin the lineup after his six-month ban expires. For now, his place will temporarily be taken by another British player, Ellis “Pie” Pyart.

Pie subbed for Doki last week and helped Na`Vi to defeat G2 and Team Empire, which made Na`Vi qualify for the Rainbow Six Pro League season 10 finals this November in Japan.

Although Pie is older than Doki, he played fewer tournaments than the him and is yet to win one. Doki, on the other hand, helped Na`Vi win ESL Premiership Summer in July 2019 and won ESL Premiership Spring with MnM Gaming in March 2019.

Doki was handed a manual-ban by Ubisoft during a stream on Oct. 1. In an investigation into Doki’s account, Ubisoft found enough examples of severe toxicity to justify a ban, and ESL decided to endorse the ban on Oct. 11.

Doki said he got upset and angry with himself after the ban has given, but wanted to apologize to everyone he may have hurt. “I also feel this is an appropriate time to apologize to all I’ve let down or ‘hurt,” Doki said. “I truly will take this time out to better myself in every way possible.”

Na`Vi won’t have much more time to practice with Pie as they’re one of the teams attending ESL Premiership Winter, which starts on Oct. 16.