NiP drop pino for gohaN ahead of R6 Pro League season 10 return

A change that could earn NiP a trip to the season 10 finals.

Image via Ubisoft

With the return of season 10 of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League less than a week away, Ninjas in Pyjamas have dropped  Gabriel “pino” Fernandes in favor of Guilherme “gohaN” Alf. 

The roster move comes after the Latin American division frontrunners faced a 2-0 blowout at the Six Major Raleigh. The massive defeat in the group stage must have stung because dropping pino was a tough call, according to coach Arthur “Ar7hur” Schubert’s official statement. Pino had been a part of the roster since November 2018 and had seen consistent play since in his time on the roster. 

By the sound of the official statement, pino will stay on in a substitute role, while gohaN is expected to help carry the team to “the top of the world.” GohaN has previously played on both FaZe Clan and Team Liquid. While his roles on both teams were eliminated, he did serve with both squads for about a year. In a highly competitive landscape like the Latin American division, these types of roster moves are expected.

If a team can’t adapt in the LATAM region then they’re toast. Fans have seen as much with the relegation of paiN Gaming at the close of season nine of the Pro League. The addition of gohaN to the roster may help Gustavo “Psycho” Rigal get back to just worrying about fragging out, which is where the player shines brightest. The team is currently sitting atop the region with FaZe Clan following close behind. 

Fans of NiP and the Latin American division can catch gohaN’s NiP debut on Wednesday, Sept. 18 when the Pro League returns for the second half of season 10. The official broadcast can be found here.