Legacy mode now live in Rainbow Six Siege

Welcome to 2015 all over again.

Screengrab via Rainbow Six Siege

Have you ever wanted to go back to the old days of Rainbow Six Siege? The days where there were only 20 operators available, old House was in the competitive map pool, Bandit and Jager still had their ACOG sights, and the lighting was absurd?

Well, get ready to feel like you’re playing Rainbow Six in December 2015 again in the “Legacy” mode that just dropped on the live servers.

The mode takes players back to year one, with only the first 20 “Pathfinder” operators available to play. This also means they exist in their old forms. Jager is now back to a three-speed and has his ACOG sight. Ash’s R4-C and Bandit’s MP7 get the ACOG back as well.

There will only be three maps: Presidential Plane, old House, and old Hereford Base.

The event will last until Jan. 5 and won’t contain some of the more frustrating elements of old-school Rainbow Six, namely the old recoil patterns, blinding light, and the horrid night mode.

“Holiday packs” will be given out as well. They’ll contain a free operator for those who haven’t purchased or earned all the operators or a Christmas-themed skin.