Kali and Wamai mercenary roles played up in new R6 cinematic trailer

The plot thickens, sort of.

Image via Ubisoft

The newest season of Rainbow Six Siege is now live for most platforms and alongside its launch, fans have a new cinematic trailer to sink their teeth into. 

It’s no secret that Ubisoft is punching up the story elements in the Rainbow Six Siege universe. After recasting Angela Bassett’s “Six,” along with Hibana and Mira’s former voice actors, it was clear that the lore of the universe was going to lean into itself and the world of mystery surrounding the operators. This new direction in storytelling seems to be on display in Kali and Wamai’s new operator cinematic video. 

Ubisoft was upfront about the fact that Kali and Wamai weren’t cut from the same cloth as many other traditional operators in the new video. Kali lives up to the bio the devs created for her. The cinematic highlights her ability as a businesswoman as she negotiates a contract for her Private Military Company, NIGHTHAVEN. Who Kali is negotiating with remains a mystery, but it seems to hint that Harry, the director of Rainbow, is on the other end of the phone. 

Kali’s line, “I have investors, unlike you,” hints that whoever she’s dealing with doesn’t operate as a private business. The fact that Kali replies by saying, “I’ll bring my best man” as the camera shifts toward Wamai while he’s seemingly meditating in a tank of water would support this theory. After all, these two operators are the only two known NIGHTHAVEN entities to have contact with Rainbow. 

To add to the mysteriousness of Kali and Wamai, the former’s bio informs fans that she and Ash are at odds due to Kali’s unclear motives. The new attacker’s motives seem to be at the crux of the minor story this season when she closes with, “Wamai, prep for phase two” before a smirk overcomes her face. These details seem to hint at a fragile alliance of sorts, although it’s unclear if this is merely to illustrate the difference in background or if Kali will serve as a larger element in the lore of Rainbow Six Siege

Wamai seems even more challenging to define since it’s in the operator’s nature to be enigmatic, according to his bio. While we see Wamai seemingly meditate in a tank of water, he looks at peace and is almost in direct opposition to Kali’s strong demeanor. But his motives also come into question when he smirks at the close of the cinematic trailer, too. It’s all a bit odd when looking at the picture as a whole. Things seem to fit on their own, but when looking at the grand scheme of Rainbow Six Siege lore, the plot continues to thicken as it struggles to define itself. 

Fans will likely have access to more story content as the season rolls on, but whether it comes from the new battle pass remains to be seen. If the battle pass includes story content, fans might be able to access it through another avenue if they’re unable to afford the barrier to entry.