How to watch R6 DreamHack Montreal 2019

Here's all the DreamHack Montreal 2019 info you need.

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The DreamHack Montreal 2019 Minor kicks off on Sept. 6 with 16 Rainbow Six Siege teams fighting for a title and their share of the $75,000 prize pool. 

There’s a lot more than just prize money on the line at this minor, though. The North American division has just undergone a massive shuffle of talent and each team will have something to prove after a weak showing at the Six Major Raleigh. It’ll be an uphill battle for North America with G2 Esports and FaZe Clan both in the mix. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the DreamHack Montreal Minor. 


The DreamHack Montreal Minor will be streamed on the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitch channel. Offstage matches can be viewed on any of the following community caster streams:


NA Division

  • DarkZero Esports: Kyle “Mint” Lander, Brandon “BC” Carr, Paul “Hyper” Kontopanagiotis, Zachary “Nyx” Thomas, and Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens
  • Evil Geniuses: Emilio “Geoometrics” Leynez Cuevas, Ammar “Necrox” Albanna, Morquis “Modigga” Hribar, Nathan “nvK” Valenti, and Austin “Yung” Trexler
  • Spacestation Gaming: Javier “ThinkingNade” Escamila, Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski, Alec Fultz, Dylan Bosco, and Nathaniel “Rampy” Duvall
  • Luminosity: Kian “Hyena” Moyazani, Coal “awD” Phillips, Tom “Tomas” Kaka, Muteeb “ PiXeL” Chaudary, and Richie “Rexen” Coronado
  • TSM: Matthew “Achieved” Solomon, Jason “Beaulo” Doty, Bryan “Merc” Wrzek, Owen “Pojoman” Mitura, and Sam Jarvis
  • Soniqs: Scott “Neptunez” Weber, Lauren “Goddess” Williams, Alex “SlebbeN” Nordlund, Santino “Gomfi” de Meulenaere, and Seth “supr” Hoffman
  • Team Reciprocity: Davide “FoxA” Bucci, Alexander “Skys” Magor, Mark “MarkTheShark” Arismendez, Alexander “Retro” Lloyd, and Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez

EU Division

  • CHAOS Esports Club: Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson, Rasmus “REDGROOVE” Larsson, Mattias “Renuilz” Johannes Nordebäck, Christoffer “Kripps” Brushane, and Aleks “VITO” Lyapun
  • G2 Esports: Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero, Fabian Hallsten, Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen, and Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen

APAC Division

  • Father’s Back: Apple, Kakitare, Kenki, KI_N_CHI, and DustelBox

LATAM Division

  • Team Liquid: Paulo “psk1” Augusto, Thiago “xS3xyCake” Reis, André “nesk” Oliveira, Luccas “Paluh” Molina, and João “HSnamuringa” Deam
  • FaZe Clan: Leonardo “Astro” Luis, Rafael “mav” Freitas, Ronaldo “ion” Osawa, João “yoona” Gabriel, and Gabriel “cameram4n” Hespanhol, 

BYOC Qualifiers 

  • BDS Esport: Morgan “Rxwd” Pacy, Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu, Olivier “Renshiro” Vandroux, “Dimitri “Panix” de Longeaux, and Adrien “RaFaLe” Rutik
  • Super Nova Inc.: N/A
  • Rogue: Tyler “Ecl9pse” McMullin, Oliver “Slashug” Spencer, Kevin “Easilyy” Skokowski, Aaron “Shuttle” Dugger, and Franklyn “VertcL” Cordero
  • LiViD: Tommy “Romulus” Santamaria, Tommy “Moustache.-” Boucher, Maximilen “Alphatag.” Sauriol, Bruno “Eventfulbr,” and Kevin “L[ege]nd” Binette


Friday, Sept. 6

  • 11am CT: Group stage round one
  • 2:10pm CT: Group stage round one
  • 4:55pm CT: Group stage round one

Saturday, Sept. 7

  • 9:15am CT: Group stage round two upper bracket
  • 12:25pm CT: Group stage round three lower bracket
  • 3:35pm CT: Group stage round four decider’s match
  • 6:45pm CT: Quarterfinals

Sunday, Sept. 8

  • 9am CT: First semifinal
  • 12:20pm CT: Second semifinal
  • 3:25pm CT: Grand finals

Top storylines 

This marks the first official event following the “NA Shuffle,” which saw the North American division experience huge roster and staff moves. 

Perhaps the most high profile roster move was the departure of Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski from Evil Geniuses. The seasoned pro will be present at the minor with his new team, Spacestation Gaming. Canadian’s former team will also be competing in the tournament. If the two teams end up meeting, it’ll certainly be an emotional matchup for NA supporters. If not, fans will still get to see how Canadian performs as a part of SSG. 

Soniqs and TSM are also worth following closely since the two bottom-ranked NA division squads have just been overhauled. Alex “SlebbeN” Nordlund and Santino “Gomfi” de Meulenaere took over for recently-released Soniqs players Jason “GhxsT” Luu and John “Avian” Ackerly.

TSM also look promising with the addition of ex-DarkZero veteran Sam Jarvis and ex-EG coach Aaron “Gotcha” Chung. These moves could be just what TSM need to get a foothold in the Pro League following the DreamHack Montreal Minor. Jarvis is a proven and consistent talent, while Gotcha led EG to the season nine Pro League finals.

G2 present an interesting problem, though. Following a massive loss to Team Empire at the Six Major Raleigh, opposing teams now know G2 aren’t as strong as usual. While the team still pose a great threat to every participant at the minor, taking a loss on such a large stage may have shaken G2. Fans will find out which version of G2 will show up to Montreal on Friday. 

There’s a lot to watch, but the teams listed above boast the most intriguing stories at the DreamHack Montreal Minor 2019. 

Fans of every Pro League division won’t want to miss this event. The DreamHack Montreal Minor kicks off on Friday, Sept. 6.