How to uncloak a Lurker in Rainbow Six Extraction

Invisible foes are pretty hard to detect.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction provides numerous Archean types to test players’ adaptability, and different parasites come with their own approaches. Lurkers are one of these Archean varieties and one of the most annoying species players can face in the game. Lurkers cloak themselves when they sense danger and become invisible to the naked eye.

In these circumstances, players have two options. They can face the Archaean head-on and wait for them to reveal themselves and risk taking damage, or uncloak Lurkers using various means to take them down safely and maintain stealth. The first method is risky and isn’t always going to work, giving Lurkers the chance to alert nearby Archaeans. The second method, however, is your best friend to take them down.

Lurkers are hard to detect with scan abilities. Lion can detect them if they are moving, but these Archaeans commonly stand still. Players can use the stun, paralysis, or impact grenades to clear specific area locations and uncloak Lurkers hiding with invisibility. They can also opt for recon methods like using Scan Mines, Recon Vapor, or drones to spot the enemies. If players want to be extra careful, they use IQ’s ability to detect Lurkers and eliminate them after unlocking an upgrade at level seven.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

One study explicitly asks players to uncloak Lurkers, and if you do happen to stumble upon a cloaked Lurker, you can shoot it once and let it run away or reposition. After that, it should cloak itself, and you can use these methods to reveal it and complete your challenges.