Here are the standings and results for the Rainbow Six OGA PIT Minor

It's do or die for every team in attendance.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

There are only a few slots left in the Six Invitational 2020 and one of the only ways to secure a spot is through the OGA PIT Minor.

With no shortage of talent competing in the minor, Rainbow Six fans are in for a show. G2 Esports have been hungry for a ticket to SI 2020 and their new lineup could nab them a slot in the international LAN event.

The competition at the OGA PIT is stiff and each team is gunning for that same SI 2020 slot. There’s only one chance left in each division after the OGA PIT to qualify for SI 2020, so it’s do-or-die for every team in attendance.

Here are the current standings.

Grand Finals

Team Liquid vs. Spacestation Gaming

Team Liquid win 3-1

  • Advantage: Team Liquid
  • Kafe: 7-3 Team Liquid win
  • Clubhouse: 8-6 Spacestation win
  • Bank: 7-3 Team Liquid win

Lower Bracket Finals

MIBR vs. Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming win 2-0

  • Consulate: 7-4 Spacestation win
  • Border: 8-7 Spacestation win

Upper Bracket Finals

Team Liquid vs. MIBR

Team Liquid win 2-1

  • Clubhouse: 7-4 MIBR win
  • Border: 7-3 Team Liquid win
  • Coastline: 7-4 Team Liquid win

Lower Bracket Semifinals

Spacestation Gaming vs. Luminosity Gaming

Spacestation Gaming win 2-1

  • Clubhouse: 7-4 Spacestation win
  • Coastline: 8-7 Luminosity win
  • Consulate: 7-1 Spacestation win

Upper Bracket Semifinals

Spacestation Gaming vs. MIBR

MIBR win 2-0

  • Villa: 7-1 MIBR win
  • Coastline: 8-7 MIBR win

Team Liquid vs. Luminosity Gaming

Team Liquid win 2-0

  • Kafe: 7-1 Team Liquid win
  • Bank: 8-6 Team Liquid win


Spacestation Gaming vs. NORA-Rengo

Spacestation Gaming win 2-0

  • Bank: 7-4 Spacestation win
  • Clubhouse: 7-3 Spacestation win

G2 Esports vs. MIBR

MIBR win 2-0

  • Villa: 7-1 G2 win
  • Clubhouse: 7-5 MIBR win
  • Consulate: 7-4 MIBR win

BDS Esport vs. Team Liquid

Team Liquid win 2-0

  • Clubhouse: 7-4 Team Liquid win
  • Kafe: 8-7 Team Liquid win

Team Secret vs. Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming win 2-0

  • Bank: 8-7 Luminosity win
  • Consulate: 7-5 Luminosity win