Here are the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 11 standings

See how every team stacks up in the Pro League

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After a long hiatus, the Rainbow Six Pro League has returned and with it comes a host of upsets and surprises. If the opening days of the season are any indication, then it looks like season 11 will be just as divisive and chaotic as season 10.

The offseason saw some major roster moves that clearly inform where the trajectory of this season is headed. With G2 seemingly on the rise, and other squads already falling a bit short of expectations, matchday one was an odd start for the European division.

EU division standings

#TeamPts.W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)Team Empire72-1-020-1010
2)G2 Esports62-0-119-163
4)Natus Vincere41-1-116-18-2
5)BDS Esport31-0-215-16-1
7)Chaos Esports Club31-0-217-19-2
8)Team Vitality31-0-210-19-9

The European division continues to surprise fans of the Pro League. G2 Esports followed up their matchday two loss to Team Vitality with a huge win against forZe. Fans have been waiting for the forZe vs. G2 rematch since the Six Major Raleigh, and luckily for G2 fans, Fabian and crew backed up the outspoken pro’s Raleigh trash talk. Rogue and Team Empire failed to gain much ground against one another when the top two teams coming into matchday three battled it out on Consulate.

It’s much too soon to definitively say which team will end up where at the end of the season, but some rosters look more promising than others. G2 have been the subject of much criticism this past year since the team hasn’t been able to keep consistent momentum in and out of the Pro League, but they regained their footing in matchday three in their rematch with forZe. G2 stepped up huge and each player had a shining moment in the matchup. ForZe put up a decent four round wins, but ultimately, G2 had their number from the jump.

Conversely, Rogue failing to gain ground against Team Empire allowed G2 to overtake them in the standings. Empire have been a formidable presence in the Pro League despite a slump in season 10, so Rogue’s failure to pick up a win here makes sense. Luckily for Rogue fans, the team was able to secure a point from forcing a draw. The singular point is enough to keep the team treading water near the top, but the competition below is looking restless.

NA division standings

#TeamPts. W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
2) DarkZero Esports72-1-020-164
3) Spacestation Gaming62-0-119-127
4)Luminosity Gaming41-1-118-171
6)Evil Geniuses31-0-212-19-7
7)Tempo Storm10-1-215-20-5
8)Team Reciprocity10-1-211-20-9

North America continues to be dominated by TSM. After an abysmal season 10, TSM have entered season 11 in nearly unrecognizable form, while Team Reciprocity need to make some adjustments going forward. TSM are running an early perfect season and things looks promising for the squad.

Aside from TSM’s DreamHack Montreal win, they accomplished little during season 10 for how much talent was on the roster. This time around, the team has a coach and has made a few roster moves that look to have fixed many of their issues on the surface. TSM continue to roll through their North American peers with relative ease. The difference in performance is night and day. While there was a lot of hype surrounding TSM in season 10, it looks like it’s actually warranted this time around. The meme of “when does Beaulo play?” should now be changed to “when does TSM play?”

Oddly enough, Reciprocity fell extremely short of expectations in their match with Spacestation Gaming. After dropping two staple players, Reciprocity picked up ex-DarkZero Esports’ Zachary “Nyx” Thomas and Rogue’s Franklyn “VertcL” Andres Cordero. They’re two solid players but the cohesion doesn’t appear to have taken hold yet. A 7-3 loss is a rough look for season 10’s second-best squad in the division. Rec fans will want to see the squad adjust accordingly in their next matchup with Evil Geniuses.

LATAM division standings

#TeamPts. W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
2)FaZe Clan62-0-014-86
3)Team Liquid31-0-111-92
4)Ninjas in Pyjamas31-0-112-120
6)Black Dragons10-1-111-13-2
8)Team oNe Esports00-0-27-14-7

Latin America saw its fair share of surprises in the opening matchdays of season 11 of the Pro League. FaZe Clan and INTZ are off to equally great starts in the LATAM division, while Elevate and Team oNe Esports drag behind in terms of performance.

FaZe and NiP have been two of the top teams in the division for the past two seasons. While it’s a bit too early to make any calls, both teams do look a bit rough around the edges. FaZe beating out NiP paints them as the horse to back during the first half of the season, but FaZe have been known to have high peaks and low valleys.

Liquid had a great win at OGA PIT but failed to bring that momentum into their first matchup with INTZ. Matchday two saw a much more commanding performance against Team oNe, who lost 7-2 to Liquid. If Team oNe can’t pick up the pace next week, then it looks like a rough season is ahead for the sophomore Pro League team. Last season saw Team oNe enter a boom-or-bust role and while the wild inconsistency may be entertaining for fans, it surely causes frustration among the roster and organization.

ANZ division standings

#TeamPts. W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
3)Wildcard Gaming41-1-013-85
7)Kanga Esports10-1-17-13-6
8)Team SiNister00-0-29-14-5

JP division standings

#TeamPts. W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)FAV Gaming62-0-014-95
2)CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming41-1-013-85
3)DetonatioN Gaming41-1-013-85
4)GUTS Gaming31-0-112-93
5)YOSHIMOTO Gaming Lamy31-0-19-12-3
7)Takumi Festival LBX10-1-18-13-5
8)Unsoldstuff Gaming00-0-29-14-5

KR division standings

#TeamPts. W-D-LMap W-LDiff.

SEA division standings

#TeamPts. W-D-LMap W-LDiff.
1)Xavier Gaming62-0-014-311
2)Giants Gaming62-0-014-86
3)Lèsè Esports62-0-014-86
5)200 Degrees00-0-29-14-5
6)Team 112200-0-28-14-6
7)Valor Esports00-0-28-14-6
8) Scrypt00-0-23-14-11

Fans can catch every division’s official broadcast here.