Gemini on MKERS’ talent: ‘Our strength is that we are very strong aimers’

The sky is the limit for this roster.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

MKERS are a complete wild card at the 2021 Six Invitational. They qualified for the Rainbow Six Siege event by burning their way through the EU “last-chance” qualifying tournament, defeating several strong EUL teams in the process. Right now, MKERS haven’t even qualified for the Challenger League, but they’re playing like one of EU’s best.

The secret to their success? The all-Italian roster plays fast, furious, and they have the mechanical still to back up the aggression. “Our strength is that we are very strong aimers,” Luigi “Gemini” Ferrigno said when asked about the overall strengths of their team.

There’s another strength to MKERS: They’re mostly an unknown quantity. There’s objectively less information on them as opposed to other, more storied teams. That may change as the Invitational rolls on, but for now, they can bank on being unpredictable. “Our playstyle is not so predictable,” Gemini said.

MKERS only have three games left in the group stage against Oxygen, Spacestation, and MIBR. From there, they’ll likely have a shot at making a decent run in the playoff stage, barring a group stage elimination in an unlikely scenario. Ultimately, there’s more than the Invitational on the horizon for this team. A potential EUL spot might be next on the list after their astronomical rise over the past five months.

The end of the Invitational isn’t the end of the road for MKERS, it’s the beginning. Gemini said they didn’t really expect to win the qualifier, but once they started winning games, their confidence went through the roof. It’s unknown how far this all-Italian roster can push through the EUL in the future, but right now, there’s still a task in front of them.

As for the future and the EUL? Gemini said he’s “sure” MKERS will make Europe’s premiere Rainbow Six league.