G2’s Pengu claims he could hear casters at Six Major Raleigh

That's not supposed to happen.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

G2 Esports fell to Team Empire in the Six Major Raleigh grand finals over the weekend. But after the event came to an end, G2’s Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen took some time to air out an alarming grievance on his Twitch channel

Pengu said that players at the Six Major Raleigh could hear broadcasters throughout their matches.

Pros at R6 LAN events wear earbuds and noise-canceling headsets to prevent any type of advantage based on broadcaster calls during the show. During Pengu’s stream this morning, Creator’s Cup participant MacieJay commented in chat that he was surprised that the headset and earbuds could block out the sound of the broadcasters. But according to Pengu, players heard the broadcasters while playing at this event.

“At this tournament, we literally hear the casters go ‘oh, they six-picked castle, they’re playing ventilation bombsite,'” Pengu said. “With in-ears that are noise-canceling and a headset, we could hear that.”

Players are obviously at a massive advantage if they’re able to hear the broadcasters, but Pengu claims that both teams could hear calls coming out so there was no real advantage on either side. Pengu also said that G2 went to ESL officials to tell them something wasn’t right and the officials shrugged it off. 

For such a major claim, Pengu threw it out there pretty nonchalantly. Based on how the finals went down, and if Pengu’s claim is true, it doesn’t appear that either team was using the intel to their advantage. It also seems odd that ESL would allegedly shrug off such a glaring issue during the grand finals of an international LAN.

ESL hasn’t responded to Pengu’s allegations yet, but that could change since his stream is still live.