DarkZero’s BKN steps down from on-stage coaching after R6USN defeat

BKN will stay on with DarkZero

Screengrab via Ubisoft

North America has spent two seasons under the thumb of DarkZero Esports, but a lot has changed since season 10.  

The latest development is DarkZero coach Jordan “BKN” Soojian stepping down from coaching—sort of. BKN’s initial tweet made it sound as though the longtime coach would be departing the organization but he quickly followed up by saying he would be stepping down from coaching the team on-stage during matches. 

After the Tokoname, Japan Finals, Brandon “BC” Carr shifted back into a coaching position. Information about the staffing move was sparse until BKN made his announcement tonight following DarkZero’s upset loss to Spacestation Gaming at the Rainbow Six United States Nationals. 

It’s unlikely that BKN stepping down from his on-stage role is related to the team’s performance at the R6USN. Given that DarkZero had previously announced BC’s transition to a coaching position, it only makes sense that this announcement was inevitable. While it remains unclear what BKN’s role within the org will be, he was quick to point out that he is still with DarkZero. 

The Rainbow Six United States Nationals Finals are live now with the Western Conference Playoffs. Fans can catch the official stream here.