DarkZero unveils 20 teams playing in NerdStreetGamers Pro-Am

This is going to be great.

Image via Ubisoft

DarkZero Esports is doing the North American Rainbow Six Siege community a favor, in conjunction with Nerd Street Gamers.

The orgs are teaming up to host the NerdStreetGamers x DarkZero Pro-Am tournament. The event will have a $50,000 prize pool will run from March 11 to 14 on the CCS, DarkZero, and R6 Nerd Street Gamers Twitch accounts.

All of the 2020 NAL teams are invited. The event will offer fans a first glance at many retooled rosters, including Oxygen, Disrupt, Mirage, Soniqs, and DarkZero themselves.

The Challenger League teams invited will be no slouches, either. APE were set to be in the NAL under the Altiora banner and Parabellum Esports holds three members of the old Altiora Canadian roster that qualified for SI 2021.

Mirage, DarkZero, and XSET will be of particular interest. XSET are technically an underdog team in the NAL, but they might not have that designation for long. Tim “Creators” Humphreys is one of NA’s young stars and they have a lot of underrated experience on the roster. DarkZero just signed NA’s de facto rookie of the year, Nick “njr” Rapier, to play the entry position. They’re known for having a forward-thinking strategy and now they’re adding elite firepower. Mirage has Matthew “HotanCold” Stevens, a longtime DZ player who was let go in favor of njr. Should Mirage and DarkZero face off, it might be appointment viewing.

The NAL will return on March 24 in an offline environment at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas.