Celebrate Pulse, Cav, and Twitch with Rainbow Six’s October birthday challenges

Equip a tactical party hat.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft isn’t shying away from the lore surrounding its Rainbow Six Siege operators and the developer has even been rolling out birthday challenge skins for each operator. 

This week, Siege fans can celebrate Pulse, Cav, and Twitch by indiscriminately hunting down drones and gadgets. 

Ubisoft has been going above and beyond to keep the lore behind Rainbow ops fresh and lively. While the birthday weapon skins aren’t the most viable option for blending into your surroundings, they’re a fun little bonus to grind toward. Typically, there’s only one birthday challenge in a single week. But this time around, fans can snag three skins in one week. 

Taking out 20 attacker drones will nab players Pulse and Cav’s birthday weapon skins. Each operator’s weapon skin matches the color associated with their CTU. For Pulse, it’ll be orange for the FBI, and for Cav, it’ll be green for the BOPE unit. 

Grabbing Twitch’s birthday weapon skin requires players to take out 10 defender gadgets. Doing so will grant fans access to a GIGN blue-themed weapon skin. This challenge has always been a bit less taxing than hunting down 20 drones, especially now that Mozzie is in the mix. 

Pulse’s birthday is Oct. 11, 1987, making him 32 years old, according to the official site. Cav is celebrating a milestone 30th birthday this year with her birthday being Oct. 15, 1989. Twitch rounds out the October group. The GIGN operator is the youngest of the bunch with a birthday of Oct.12, 1991, which makes her 28 years old. 

The challenges are now live and fans have a limited time to grab the skins. Players will have to wait another year for these birthday skins and there’s no guarantee that they’ll return in the same form next time around. Act quickly if you want the birthday weapon skins. Fans can also check out more operator lore here.