BOSG ACOG may be here to stay in Rainbow Six Designer’s Notes

Operation Shifting Tides is looking solid.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft is giving Rainbow Six Siege players what they want with the new Y4S4 Designer’s Notes. The BOSG ACOG may be here to stay, but not for the reason you might think. 

After a hilariously successful social media campaign that was apparently started by Fnatic content creator and streamer BikiniBodhi, Ubisoft finally gave players access to the BOSG with an ACOG. While Bikini is seen as more of a memer, he does have some skill when it comes to sending casuals into full-tilt with his BOSG one-taps. But it appears that Bikini’s “#BOSGACOGNATION” campaign didn’t play a part in Ubisoft’s final decision to keep the ACOG as a BOSG optic. 

“Adding the ACOG to 707th SMB Operator shotgun was mostly motivated by the low performance of the weapon,” according to the Designer’s Notes. “Even if part of the community was also looking forward to the addition of the ACOG, it remained a pure balancing decision. This new sight should not affect the overall performance of this weapon.”

While some fans may feel burned by the above statement, it’d be more than concerning if Ubisoft chose to keep something in the game just to appease fans. If that was the norm, then everyone would still be running around with raptor legs.

The BOSG keeping the ACOG is by far one of the more interesting decisions, but there are plenty more changes headed to the main game. Cav’s M-12 will see a damage buff from 36 to 40, which makes sense considering that most players don’t run the M-12 due to its abysmal rate of fire and lower damage. Conversely, Ela will be getting her FO-12 nerfed by decreasing the damage done past 10 meters with another nerf to her overall spread and accuracy. 

It looks like the proposed SASG-12 nerfs will hit the live servers as well. The SASG-12 is the shotgun of choice for the Spetsnaz and CBRN Units in Siege. Ubisoft will be nerfing the overall spread and accuracy of the shotgun, which seems to mirror the FO-12 nerfs. 

Glaz’s optic buff will also be making it to the live game. The OG Russian operator has been going through some growing pains as Siege continues to evolve in numerous ways. The devs will be giving his optic a buff so that the intensity of the highlighter effect is amplified, according to the post. It seems unlikely that this change will bring Glaz back into the fold. 

Kaid’s Electroclaw buff is confirmed to hit with Operation Shifting Tides as well. The previous radius for the Electroclaw area of effect was 0.75 meters but will now be 1.3 meters, which is a substantial buff. The goal here seems to be to encourage player creativity when using Electroclaws while also giving hard-breach attackers a bit of a break. The op will also be getting Barbed Wire instead of his Impact Grenades. 

Rounding out some of the mid-tier changes is Warden getting access to C4. Outside of some pretty crazy Pro League plays, Warden hasn’t had the best time in Siege since his introduction with Operation Phantom Sight. The fact that the devs are giving him access to a C4 shows that they’re attempting to make him a much more viable operator with an identity, rather than the weird in-between operator he’s become. The change to a two-armor, two-speed was great and the C4 should help him have a bit more utility.

Ubisoft also seems to be hinting at future loadout changes for Warden. The defender’s section ended on a rather cryptic note that alluded to the devs looking at options that they aren’t ready to reveal just yet.

Jackal’s long-awaited rework will be introduced with Operation Shifting Tides but it may not be enough to save the operator from the constant onslaught of bans he already faces. The rework itself doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it does add more restrictions to the powerful tracking operator. With any luck, the devs will succeed in their mission to get Jackal out of ban jail. 

Operation Shifting Tides doesn’t have a concrete release date as of yet. If past seasons are any indications, then fans can expect a full season launch sometime next week. Until then, players can still access the Test Server if they’re playing on PC.