Best counters for Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

Operators that can deny intelligence and ordnance are key.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Brutal Swarm is bringing players the new Singaporean attacker, Grim. The veteran soldier uses his Kawan Hive Launcher to deploy a swarm of robotic bees in an area. Though his gadget may seem nightmarish, in Siege, it serves as an amazing intelligence-gathering tool—and knowing your enemies’ positions can be the difference between showing up on the kill cam and taking down your opponent or being gunned down.

Grim’s Kawan Hive Launcher launches a canister that unleashes a swarm of bees. Any enemies in the swarm’s radius will be marked, and the swarm will linger in the area. Foes that leave its radius after being hit will also have a debuff that pings them three times after they leave the area. Even if your Kawan launcher doesn’t strike a target, this will show you there are likely no enemies in the vicinity as well, which allows players to take a more aggressive role as Grim and makes the operator a solid addition to any attacking squad.

Of course, the attacker’s kit isn’t without flaws. Some defense operators can neutralize his kit, making for valuable counters if you know the attackers are keen on picking the Singaporean operator. Here are the best counters for Grim in Rainbow Six Siege, according to information from Ubisoft developers in a press conference ahead of the release of Operation Brutal Swarm.

Best counters for Grim in Siege


Few operators are as good at disabling enemy ordnance as Mute. His jammers will interfere with electronic devices in its radius. In addition to drones and other gadgets, Mute will also disable the effects of Grim’s Kawan Hive Launcher if you’re in the radius of a jammer.

If Grim throws a canister within the radius of a Mute jammer, it will not release the swarm at all. If a defender enters a swarm while near a Mute jammer, Grim’s unique gadget will not trigger. Not only does this deny the effect of Grim’s gadget, but the Kawan Hive Launcher not activating may also trick them into believing the room is clear. Lastly, any players affected by the lingering debuff from Grim’s gadget will be cleansed of it if they enter the radius of a Mute jammer.

Additionally, Mute’s gadgets stick around (unless destroyed) and other operators can also take advantage of their effects. Place Mute jammers in key locations where Grim might throw his gadget, and you may just end up making them change operators the next time they’re on the attack.

Jäger and Wamai

Because of how Grim’s swarm behaves, Jäger and Wamai are also good counters against the Singaporean attacker. Siege treats the canister from Grim’s Kawan Hive Launcher as a projectile, so operators that can disable those projectiles can be essential to denying Grim’s utility.

Jäger and Wamai have similar gadgets and will play a similar role in countering Grim. Jäger’s Active Defense System (ADS) will zap any canister that passes through, safely consuming one use of Grim’s gadget. Wamai will function similarly as a counter to Grim: though he won’t outright deny the intelligence from the Kawan Hive Launcher, his Mag-NET will displace the canister and change its trajectory.


Like Jäger, Aruni’s value as a counter to Grim comes from the ability to destroy Grim’s gadget. Aruni’s Surya Gate will fry any canisters that pass through it, denying the utility the attackers would get from Grim. The downside of the Surya Gate is that each device will only zap one of Grim’s Kawan Hive Launcher shots, and Aruni’s gadget can be disabled by throwing a grenade before using the Hive Launcher. Despite that, however, negating one shot (or even one grenade) can already have its value in Siege.