BDS Esport take down G2 in the biggest upset of DreamHack Montreal

Double yikes.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege esports will seemingly never be the same after Challenger League team BDS Esport took down G2 Esports today. BDS now advance to the quarterfinals where they’ll face DarkZero Esports.

G2 is having a poor run the past two seasons. It seems that nothing goes their way despite boasting a roster that is stacked with talent. G2 is comprised of four core roster members and G2 newcomer Aleksi “UUNO” Työppönen. Despite having tried to switch up the formula with the addition of UUNO, G2 has seen little to no results for their efforts. This monumental loss to BDS marks the first time G2 will exit a LAN in the group stage and may serve as a breaking point for the once indomitable team.

BDS Esport are no slouch. The team is comprised of some great players who have held spots on teams like Team Vitality and Millenium. BDS had narrowly lost out to G2 in the opening match of the international LAN. Having just qualified for the European Challenger League, BDS is poised to not only dominate the Challenger League, but steal away a Pro League slot at the close of season 10 relegation. 

There’s no denying that G2’s defeat at the hands of BDS will cause some fallout among fans. G2 hasn’t been performing well for some time and while losing to a team like Team Empire at the Six Major Raleigh is more than understandable, getting deleted by a Challenger League team on map choice is not. The second half of season 10 of the Rainbow Six Pro League will serve as a do-or-die scenario for G2. 

The quarterfinals are now underway at DreamHack Montreal. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.