When does PUBG Lite shut down?

You can keep playing for a few more weeks.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG Studio announced at the end of March that it’ll be shutting down PUBG Lite.

This version of PUBG was created in 2019 as a way to cater to players who don’t have PCs that can run normal PUBG.

Though the game had many of the same mechanics and feel that PUBG had, it could be played on low-end PCs and laptops.

If you’re a PUBG Lite player, you still have a little bit of time to continue playing the game.

Services of the game will stop near the end of the month on April 29. Player support for the game will shut down the following month on May 29. 

Players will be able to play the game and spend in-game credits the same way they always have until then. PUBG Lite has not been updated since last January.