PUBG Update 5.2 is now live on PC test servers

It's time to try out everything.

Image via PUBG Corp

PUBG has launched its latest 5.2 update patch on the PC test servers, giving players the chance to test out the new stuff coming to the game before it goes live.

New items are being added to the game to make you rethink your victory conditions. A new Spike Trap item, for example, can puncture the tires of any vehicle and is a great way to set up ambush points on bridges.

It’s a throwable item, too. So if you’re being chased by a vehicle, you can throw it behind you to stop them in their tracks. The item can’t be picked up when thrown, though, so place it wisely.

PUBG Corp. has also added a system called PUBG Labs into the game that allows the community to experiment with new game modes, rule sets, and features while giving feedback in the tests.

These game modes will only be available to try out on the test servers. If they’re successful, they’ll make their way into the game as permanent additions.

PUBG fans should also expect to see some experiments to Skill Based Ratings, the Vikendi Update, and a host of other improvements mentioned in the patch notes.