PUBG to add respawns, new maps, unreloadable gun

New features and a facelift for Miramar are coming to the game.

Image via Krafton

Tons of changes are coming to the world of PUBG, according to the latest PUBG Dev Plan blog on the Steam Workshop.

The map Miramar is getting a significant facelift in terms of lighting and terrain. The lighting always seemed a bit too dingy and dark for the middle of the day in a desert and the revamp will go a long way toward illuminating some of those dark corners that realistically shouldn’t exist. In addition, the map should be getting a quad bike unique to it, as well as an anti-vehicle sniper rifle that can’t be reloaded.

There are a pair of new maps coming soon with a couple of interesting tweaks. Codename: Kiki and Codename: Tiger will be coming to PUBG in late 2021/early 2022—and Tiger is specifically interesting. Apex Legends, ironically created by Respawn, was the first battle royale to incorporate the idea of respawning back in. PUBG appears to be further toying with that idea and going as far as openly testing it on Tiger. Based on the blog, it also appears that new ideas will be continually added to Tiger, making it a test map of sorts for new additions to the game.

Kiki will feature “mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers to swampland to subways to underwater buildings” and seems like a preposterous challenge to make work. Eight-vs-eight maps (the biggest in the map pool) are what make PUBG unique. The survival aspect and tension are unlike its fast-paced battle royale sister games. PUBG appears to be toying with the beloved aspects of other games while remaining true to its core player base, who adore the title for the survival aspects, not the fast-paced, twitch shooting combat.