PUBG’s new Savage map returns to the test server tonight with improvements

You can try out the new map again soon.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The new map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Codename: Savage, returns to the game’s test servers tonight for another round of testing, and PUBG Corp. has announced the changes that have been made since the first test.

The map will be available starting tonight, April 16, at 8pm CT, and it will be available for two days as it will close down again on April 18 at 8pm CT. You can still apply for keys to try out the map on the PUBG website.

A bunch of changes have been made to the map, including the addition of three new areas. Banyan Grove has been added to the middle of the island, an abandoned quarry has been added to the middle of the island, and a new dock area has been added to the southeast side of the island.

Both the red zone and blue zone have seen changes, too. The red zone’s size and duration have both been decreased, while the blue zone has a new feature that will calculate and adjust its waiting time based on the number of players left alive.

Some spawn balance has been tweaked, as well, including grenades which will now spawn more often. The strongest scope that can be attained on Savage is now the 8x scope, and the total number of boats spawned has been decreased. Boats will now spawn more predictably along towns near the sea, though.

The map’s dynamic weather will now change in real time throughout the map, too, as opposed to just once during each match. When it rains, the wet ground will now look less shiny, thankfully.

This current testing window is quite short, but PUBG Corp. knows it and says that it’s part of the developer’s plan to help make the map the best it can be by involving players throughout its creation process.

“The map won’t be ready for a full release for a few more months,” said PUBG Corp. “But in the meantime, we’ll keep using these super short testing windows to drive development—we believe that working with players in an “open development” process is the best way to make a map that players love. So please keep the feedback coming!”