PUBG’s new map, codenamed “Savage,” begins limited testing this Monday

It will be an invite-only test.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Some lucky PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans will be getting their first taste of the game’s new map as early as this Monday, April 2, PUBG Corp. announced today.

The first ever limited test for the new, small map codenamed “Savage” will kick off on an invite-only basis on Monday night at 9pm CT, lasting just three days and ending in the early hours of April 5. PUBG Corp. wants players involved early on in the map-making process to try and make it the best it can be.

“At first, we are going to do a more limited test for Codename: Savage to make sure that nothing is too broken,” said PUBG Corp. in a new blog post. “Again, it’s a super early build, we hope you understand. The next test will be bigger! We’ll update you on Monday about how you can participate. Keep an eye on our social channels to maximize your chances of getting a key.”

The new map takes place on a tropical island and is half the size of both Erangel and Miramar at four-by-four KM. The hope is that the new, smaller location will offer more fast-paced games with high intensity and less lulls in the action.

“We promised you that you would get a chance to try the new map very early on and we are delivering on that promise,” said PUBG Corp. “We haven’t released content so early in its development since our alpha testing stage. We’re doing this because we want to start getting your feedback as soon as possible and drive the development in the right direction.”

Savage was first seen as a teaser in short video form during a presentation by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene at the Game Developers Conference just last week, so it’s pretty awesome to see the new map getting in player’s hands so soon.

As PUBG Corp. said, more info about how to gain access to the limited test will become available over the weekend.